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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Application Performance Management Monitors Your Website

By Barry Allen

Having a site on the internet is an excellent way to bring in new business to your company. Sites even make it possible to do business solely online. In either case, you will notice that you rely heavily on your website to perform how you intended it to and stay available whenever your customers or potential clients attempt to access it.

Sometimes, websites go down, either due to errors on your end or perhaps the host serving up your files. This may happen anytime from any location, and monitoring it manually is virtually impossible. Thankfully, there are website monitoring services that can take action for you. They run checks on the site from all over the world and will notify you if there are actually any problems.

In the past, it had been acceptable and even anticipated that a website will be down every once in awhile. There was just no way to always have them running, particularly when they start to get more traffic and obtain accessed from all around the world on a number of devices. Now though, people aren't as forgiving with websites. They expect them to always be available and running smoothly.

In order to ensure your website is always available and simply accessible, you can subscribe to a website monitoring service. These services run checks on your site all the time to ensure you're notified the instant it becomes unavailable. When you are aware that, you are able to go ahead and take appropriate measures to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Are you considering signing up for a website monitoring service? In case you are, there are many monitoring options available to choose from. You are able to go with web server, email server, file transfer protocol, or secure socket layer monitoring. You can monitor outgoing email servers, custom TCP ports, domain name server, and even web page content.

Depending on the service you sign with, you'll be able to build a varying number of monitors. Every business has different needs, and that's why it's nice to have options. It might take a huge amount of resources to watch everything, which will drive the cost up for many businesses that have no need for more than one or two monitors.

If you're a small business operator and run your own personal website, then you likely do everything else on your own at the same time. You manage sales, generate leads, handle customer service, and perform the bookkeeping. Testing your website at all times may be the last thing you can worry about, yet it is so vital that you do this.

The easiest method to go is to subscribe to a website monitoring service. The service will do all the testing for you, and send you a text message or email the moment your site becomes inaccessible from more than one spot. You will know right away if people can't get to your site, and this can prevent you from losing business.

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