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Monday, December 12, 2011

How has SEO been Affected from the new Panda Update?

By Cormac Reynolds

In the recent years, Google has managed to expand the services it provides a phenomenal amount. To Google users, all of these new features and Updates have been for the better. For many websites, every update Google unleashes can make for a very hard time. Some of the new updates, the new panda update for example, has caused havoc with many domains SEO methods.

Many Web Hosts have complained that there traffic has reduced by up to 70% which in turn has seen a decrease in profits of up to 90%. Obviously for the Web masters currently live on the Internet this is not good news for their business or Web site on the whole.

The Panda Update was requested by regular Google users as all too often, it had been found, that after a search has been input into Google, the results would be completely wrong. This could be due to the amount of Black hat SEO methods being used. Many sites use a pointless amount of Link Building and utilize key words that have no use to the subject the Website was created for. These methods are known as Black hat techniques as effectively they are breaking the Search engines rules.

Ever since the update took its place as the new method of ranking sites, there has been both a negative and positive feedback. Despite the fact that Google users had actually requested this update, many Webhosts have had many troubles with the new software.

A common search engine optimization method today is the use of link building to get web sites noticed, but with the panda update will this method of SEO become obsolete. SEO will still forever be effective in gaining your website the exposure you are looking for all that needs to change is the methods in which you use.

Has SEO been affected -?

Search Engine Optimization will have been affected to a certain extent; however it is worth noting that link building and the Use of keywords is not the only methods of SEO. So despite the Initial concerns of SEO companies, there will be many techniques that can still be used to gain a first page ranking on the new system. All that a internet domain has to achieve is provide its traffic with fine quality content, which in essence it should be striving to achieve in the first place.

So if you own a website make sure you do not over kill your keyword and only provide relevant links, as this will greatly increase your chances of gaining a high rank when content form your respective niche is searched. Despite the much bad press this update has received, it has been brought out to better the Google system, so if your website has been effected, chances are it will be down to the amount of links currently attached to your website. SEO specialist will still be able to achieve you a good high ranking on the system, the only difference if a different technique will have to be used to achieve this for you.

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