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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Landing page design - How to win them over

By Ivan Andrianko

Unless you implement powerful consumer psychology in your Landing page design, you will always have a hard time winning over your customers.

You need to plan out your attack strategically, keeping in mind the mental cues that you are concentrating your prospects attention towards.

Start off strong

The initial thing that people will look at, which is what starts everything off, is your header. Your header is where your make your most powerful selling proposition clear. You will most likely want to have a second header below your first one as well.

This will keep your Introduction short and sweet, they will be intrigued and shall continue to read your secondary header, which will give them some information on what interested them in the introduction.

List not just the features, list the benefits

How are they separate?

Feature simply give an idea of what the product does, but do not exactly explain what this means in relation to the consumer, and why they could use such functions. Benefits are what put your products usefulness into context.

Once you have established an intriguing selling position, its like feed their enthusiasm and curiously like gas in a fire. list 4-5 strong benefits to continue them on the road of eagerly awaited your elaborations.

The way these are formatted are just like your introduction. Keep them as quick as possible, but make sure that they are clear and understandable. Try to keep the amount of time that it takes for them to scan through to a minimum. The faster they read and understand these points, the better they sound.

Visual effects

These are not just for color and contrast. The are just as powerful as your bullet points and headers if designed properly. Don't let someone throw just any "fancy" looking pictures on your landing page design without a good reason of why they are there.

According to consumer psychology, advertisement with 4+ colors work better than the same ad with less colors. Keep this in mind because, in essence your landing page design is one big advertisement.

Act as a catalyst for their imaginations

It is your job to help your prospects visualize the use of your product, and how beneficial it will be, BEFORE they buy it. The first place where they test your product is mentally.

To do this, you have to give them something pleasant to imagine. Be as descriptive as possible while staying on the conservative side with the amount of text you feature. The tools you will be using could range from Squeeze video, to pictures to descriptive imagery.

So you got a great product eh.... prove it.

This is where you need to come in with your most powerful testimonials, credibility symbols and any other "happy customer" associations you've got. Don't overkill it though, like I stated earlier, you need to be as conservative as possible on your landing page design.

Only use the best of the best, if something looks questionable, it will look like that to everyone who sees it. That is how where websites lose the respect of the customer and ultimately kill their conversions.

Final stand:

You tried and failed, what now?

In the case that you don't succeed in the first attempt, it is a good idea to feature something that will give the prospect a chance to return to your webpage. For example, ask them to follow you on twitter, Facebook or any other social network. Offer them something in exchange for their email if that is not already the purpose of your landing page design. This will keep you noted in their books should they decide to rethink your proposition.

Only by strategically following the steps above will your landing page design be successful.

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