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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Optimizepress Discount?

By Nathan Sloan

Is there any way at all that you can get an Optimizepress discount at all? James Dyson the creator hasn't issued any coupons as of yet, however you can get an additional bonus through this website today.

In this article you will discover why Optimizepress has sold over $1 Million worth of copies and continues to fly off the shelf. I have been using Optimizepress for over a year and having the ability to make websites that look like you have spent $1000 on them is great.

So why would you even want to try out Optimizepress and why is it so popular with Internet marketers? It is basically because you can now make squeeze pages, sales pages and blogs that look really professional and that give you really high conversion rates, all in about 30 minutes.

The main reason it has sold so many copies is because now the beginner marketer can compete with the pros by creating websites that give them a professional look with out having to spend a small fortune.

Optimizepress has a great creation story. James Dyson was being hired by top companies to make their websites for them.

Over the years he discovered what was working and which designs were not very good at all. As he was friends with a big Internet marketer, he said to him "Why don't you realize this as a product?, it's really valuable stuff" and Optimizepress was born.

Optimizepress is ideally suited for Internet marketers. People who want to enjoy higher opt in rates and have a platform to put products and services on that make it simple to add video, testimonials and graphics etc. If you are not a technology expert, you will love it.

It's just a case of ticking the check boxes you want to make your website look how you want it to look. For under $100 you can now make websites that would have cost you over $1000.

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