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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sash Windows For A Lovely Abode

By James Carlton

Sash windows are beautifully decorative windows that are made from movable panels or frames that have glass insets and can be opened horizontally or vertically. The weights used for moving the panels are concealed in a box called a Yorkshire light and the first dateable reference of this type of window can be found in the 1658 painting of The Milkmaid, by the Dutch artist Vermeer.

The earliest examples of sash windows can be found in an old English home called Ham House, which dates back to the year 1670. A traditional sash window is made up of three panes set horizontally and two panes set vertically on two separate panels, creating a classic rectangular shaped window. Over the years other configurations have become acceptable as well.

The typical standard for sash windows in early Georgian and Victorian houses measured about four feet in width and they can be opened vertically as the window slides on two runners set into the frame of the window.

This was done to ensure that the window stayed in position even in very windy or stormy weather. The weights inside the frame were constructed of steel or lead and were balanced perfectly to ensure easy window operation. Two types of sash window are in use today. Double hung sash windows have two moveable panels.

The single hung versions consist of one panel that is fixed into the frame and one frame that is able to open and close, usually the bottom one. This is a great design for encouraging ventilation in the room.

Traditionally the frames are manufactured from soft wood and the panels can be either single or double glazed. These types of frames are quite high maintenance, as they will need regular painting to prevent wood rot or warping of your wood. Over time, shrinkage can cause the panes to rattle in the wind and poorly applied paint can cause problems with the smooth opening of the window.

If you are willing to regularly maintain your windows they will remain beautiful and durable for years to come. They will not only add to the beauty of the exterior of your home but assist in cooling the interior due to their design. In the hot summer months if both panels are opened equidistant from the frames this allows for the hot air to escape from the room while cool air is drawn in through the bottom edge of the window.

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