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Saturday, December 24, 2011

What is an NLP Master Practitioner?

By Elizabeth Bebbington

An NLP master practitioner is trained and qualified to practice NLP. NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, can be used on a variety of platforms, but the two most common are for personal or business development. The idea behind NLP is that how people think, make decisions and feel all fall into a series of models which once established, can help treat psychological issues or create a successful business.

NLP is split into three. N for Neuro describes the first process where all the sights, smells, words etc all enter us through our senses which we then put through a neurological filtering process. Once this mental map is created, the second comes into action. L for Linguistic describes the process by which we then assign language to the pieces of information we have received through our senses. This is where conscious awareness is created. Finally, P for Programming is how we respond to our new awareness.

An NLP master practitioner is someone who goes beyond just introducing NLP into their lives but uses their new, much more powerful skills to really achieve their ambitions and beliefs without limitations. The NLP master practitioner training course helps people to achieve not only personal, life goals but also professional ones.

Various professionals decide that NLP will help their careers. For example, life coaches can use their skills to pass onto their own clients, new business owners can use the NLP skills to make their business successful, sales professionals can use the skills to develop better relationships with their clients and artists, musicians and sports men and women can use it to open their minds and to reach their full potential. But these are just a few examples of those who can benefit from this training.

One of the main benefits of training to become an NLP master practitioner is that those who complete the course gain the skills that would otherwise take years to achieve, if ever. Those who provide the NLP courses claim that they teach future NLP master practitioners how to transform their lives into ones without restrictions through the mastering of feelings, emotions and habits.

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