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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings Worth the Expense

By Jane Saugego

As the years have passed more and more types of diamond rings have emerged. Variations have come in and out of vogue and the prices of these rings reflect that. Throughout the years there has been one kind of diamond ring which includes always remained popular and stylish, the diamond solitaire gemstone.

To some it may look plain or dull to possess only one stone set on a band but to others it remains a real classic and a simple statement of elegance. Diamonds solitaire engagement ring is perfect for the woman who appreciates the advantage of simplicity and personifies timeless elegance. The diamond solitaire engagement ring is one of the most affordably styles of engagement ring. With this particular ring you are able to concentrate on acquiring one perfect diamond. Whether or not the diamond is really a small one you are able to still use lots of effects to make your diamond solitaire diamond engagement ring breathtaking.

Utilizing a thinner band is a good way to allow a little stone shine and take center stage. This is perfect for a lady with long tapered fingers. The shape of the band can also give the ring an interesting detail, rather than plain band used a wave or curved band to make the ring look more interesting.

The shape of the diamond is also important, because it is the main focus of the ring. Traditionally diamond jewelry solitaire engagement ring runs on the round cut diamond. Other designs such as a marquise, pear, heart shape or oval are typical interesting methods to utilize cutting to include detail to your ring.

The sort of band used can also be very important. Modern wedding rings and modern brides usually choose to have platinum or white gold or platinum bands. These metals give diamond solitaire wedding rings a polished and complicated feel. For a more traditional look choose 18 karat gold or rose gold with an interesting hue. Another choice is to have words engraved on each side of the diamond, perhaps a line from the couple's song, or even a favorite poem. Filigree patterns round the diamond are another way of creating interesting details which will give the ring an original quality.

The symbolism from the diamond solitaire gemstone is also very significant. The one diamond is symbolic of one love and one life that the couple is getting ready to start together. Having a single diamond by using an engagement ring can be a powerful symbol and a reminder everyday with the couple's commitment.

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