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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Body concerning E Cigarettes

By Fin Moss

At first, most are convinced e cigarettes seem like the true cigarette, since it is given that trim as well as common as the lit up ciggie. How both of these cigarettes look may be undeniably similar, but an electronic cigarette is usually defined by the liquid in the cartridge.

When I use the term body for this kind of cigarette, I am not trying to talk about the external look that is seen when you look at it. In this case, the term body is in reference to the sensations that you experience when you inhale the vapor. In this circumstance, the body that I am talking about is found from the liquid solution fitted in the cartridge. The basic chemical composition of the liquid solution will define the kind of body that the electronic cigarette will have.

• Flavor. When we talk about flavor, we are talking about the sensations of taste that have been mixed in with the liquid of this product. The most normal tastes are the flavors of tobacco, lights tobacco, and tobacco laced with menthol. Some other popular flavors are those that simulate the taste of cigarettes made by Camel, Marlboro, and Dunhill. They have even come out with flavours you would associate with food, from the basic flavors of coffee, cola, chocolate, and vanilla up to the more specialized flavours of strawberry daiquiri, Boston crème pie, and tequila.

• Nicotine. The solution in these cigarettes actually have nicotine. This gives you that feeling that you had taken a puff off a cigarette that has tobacco.

There are three basic content levels of nicotine in electronic cigarette liquids, which are as follows: o Low liquids or those liquids with nicotine concentrations between six and eight milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid;

Medium liquids refer to the liquid solution level that is concentrated from sixteen to eighteen milliliters of nicotine per one milliliter of solution.

• Extra High liquids or those liquids with nicotine concentrations between twenty four and thirty six milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid;

• Bases. The base is the holder of the other liquid ingredients for the liquids of electronic cigarettes. The most common bases uses include propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400 and vegetable glycerin.

Considering the fact that they make this solution with a great partnership of the various solutions, as well as the creative nature of these cigarettes, you will find that most enterprises have come up with so many different flavours and textures with these substances that you will be able to use and buy.

While the public attention towards e cigarettes boost in the industry, the particular need for essential liquids for their utilization will definitely expand with an hugh speed. You actually get so many options in how to fill and refill your cartridges, and you could even get new ones, so there is no doubt that this versatility will lead this product to be very popular and will sell well. Whether it be referred to as “e-liquid”, “nicotine solution” or “e-juice”, this specific solution certainly symbolizes their body and meaning regarding e cigarettes at this point and even towards the next few years.

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