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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Complying With The Florida CNA Certification Requirements

By Peter Dias

Completing the Florida CNA certification requirements can be done quickly. A stable work history, no criminal background and passing state testing is all that is needed. A high school diploma or GED may also be required. This is usually needed to apply for training. Some things are acceptable in a criminal history but if it involves abuse the candidate will not qualify.

People who have been certified in another state may not have to be recertified. Their must submit their fingerprints and pass a background check. Florida offers reciprocity with other states for nursing assistants. The state will look at the file with the national registry to be sure there are no serious infractions.

A certified nursing assistant is one of the most important positions in a nursing career. They do the most hands on work for patients. Their duties may include bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, assistance with walking or moving and toileting. The doctor or nurse will be the direct supervisor and depend on the CNA for observations about the patient that may affect care.

The person who needs the care may not always want to accept it so compassion and understanding is needed. Nothing done can be taken personally. The families want to know that the person that takes care of their loved one is someone that can be trusted. This is not for those short on patience.

A training program is the best way to get prepared for working in this field. These programs are found in the community colleges or vocational schools. It will usually not exceed 3 months. The state has a list of schools that it has approved. The best choice may be the school with the most students passing the state exams the first time they are taken.

The real important part of it all is the clinical portion. This is where the information learned in the classroom is used in a real life setting. A working CNA will supervise the student's work to ensure the safety of their patients. The practice is needed so the new professional is able to handle patients alone. The student must remember that what goes on in the real world does not necessarily translate to what is acceptable on state testing. What is taught in class must be followed step by step.

The state does not require candidates to go to school. They can fill out paperwork to challenge the schooling. A fee is paid and the tests are taken. This is not recommended unless the candidate has worked in this capacity previously. The written part of the exam can be studied for. The practical part of the exam requires them to know each step that is expected in a care task. It is important to practice each step because in some cases one missed step can result in failure of the exam in total.

The right candidate for becoming a CNA is someone who truly cares. This is not a profession to enter into for money, it requires true compassion for others. Most of the patients will be elderly and unable to do many things for themselves. Just getting up out of the bed in the morning may be a trial. This aspect must be given a lot of thought before going to school or trying to comply with the Florida CNA certification requirements.

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