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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Conversion Killing Epidemic - PPC

By Ivan Andrianko

You need to strive to make sure that you landing page design is maximizing your lead's potential and turn conversions. Thus, it is crucial that you make it easy for them to finish.

Thus, you need to remove any elements that are not imperative in facilitating the transaction.

Here are a few of the most redundant features a Landing Page Design can have:

Asking How did you find us

This particular question is absolutely redundant. You are not much of an internet marketer if you can't use Google analytics to find this out.

Telephone number

Asking for a persons phone number raises a red flag in the customers mind. Once you get their email, you can personally ask them so that they don't feel like it is going in a database to be distributed. Don't include this question in your Custom Landing Page as there will always be a percentage of people who don't submit for this exact reason.

Forms kill conversions:

Take a look at all your questions....

Do you have, State and city, as well as the zip code on there?

If you do, then you are turning one question into three. You only need people postal code and country to know their location. If must ask for this, then simplify it (if it is absolutely necessary!).

Whats on your forms page?

On your form page, you should not have anything to the left of them except more good reasons to fill out your form (Bullets and benefits).

If you decide to do this, it is recommended that you keep all your forms on the right hand side, and the extra list of benefits on the left. People will see the benefits first, reinforcing their desire for the product, and then see the forms.

Anti-bot captchas

Make sure that your captchas can be read easily. People tend to blame the website's functionality if they can't get them right the first few tries. A cool trick is to feature invisible captchas and not make them a requirement. The bots will be the only ones to fill them out.

Call to Action submission

Don't make the amateur mistake of filling your call-to-action button in with something boring like "click here" or "Submit". Instead, appeal to their enthusiasm to start by helping them visualize the outcome of clicking there. Ex: "Click Here for Your Free____"

Are they a real person?

Last month, we removed all social proof requirements from a website. As a result, conversions almost tripled the following month. This just goes to show that each question you have on your website is scaring away a percentage of your potential income. I think that says it all.


I want you to really look and your landing page design and think to yourself: Do I really need all these questions? Honestly... you don't. All you really need is their billing information. If your looking for a way to quickly increase conversions, test out a new design with virtually no questions. It's not like its permanent, so be a good little marketer and try new things! You never know what you will discover.

A good way to keep up with your competition is to assess what they are doing, and make yourself look just a bit better. Try Adding a Sales Video If you want to really step things up.

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