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Friday, January 13, 2012

Don Schwartz Announces Candidacy for Milwaukee County Board, District 9

DON Schwartz for Milwaukee County Supervisor – 9th District

For More Information, Contact:
Nancy Christopher-Wilkes, 414-698-4915 or

For Immediate Release


Donald G. Schwartz Vows to Protect Taxpayers’ Interests and Promote Streamlined County Government

Donald G. Schwartz
HALES CORNERS, Wis., (January 5, 2012) -- Hales Corners Village Trustee Donald G. Schwartz announced, today his intention to run for the 9th District Milwaukee Country Supervisor seat in April.   Schwartz, who has been a Village Trustee for 9 years and has a long history of working in the private and public sectors, says he will capitalize on his successes in building public-private partnerships to more efficiently deliver services throughout Milwaukee County.

            "In order to address the County’s structural deficit, we need new and creative ways to operate county government," says Schwartz.  "I will start by identifying priorities in each community and looking at ways to implement with fiscal responsibility and by building public and private partnerships.  In Hales Corners, we've made community improvements in tough economic times without raising taxes and going further into debt."  Schwartz also favors restructuring the County Board, including reducing the number of supervisors and evaluating board responsibilities in context with other County and municipal governing entities.

Schwartz cited as his priorities fiscal responsibility, economic development and governance changes to make the County Board more accountable to citizens. “County government has become far too dysfunctional,” Schwartz added.  “I will work for a reduction in the size of the County Board to reduce overall costs and focus on policy-making and not micro-management.” 

            Schwartz cites his leadership in several community projects that have involved local residents and businesses working with government entities to enhance the community without incurring additional government spending and debt.

·         The Hales Corners Pool.  For nine years, Schwartz has spearheaded efforts to keep the pool open as president of the Friends of Hales Corners Pool.  In 2007, the Friends entered into an agreement with the Village of Hales Corners and the Milwaukee County Parks Department to lease the pool and cover any shortfalls.  That year, residents and local businesses raised more than $104,000 to cover insurance requirements and make capital improvements.  The pool is currently debt-free.

·         The Hales Corners Veterans Memorial.  Hales Corners was able to reach its goal of raising $140,000 to build a Veterans Memorial in Hales Corners Park in a partnership with the Milwaukee County Parks Department, the Village of Hales Corners, American Legion Post #299, VFW Post #10394, an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop #598, and the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce.  The memorial will be unveiled in May

Year-round aluminum can recycling and fundraising program.  Schwartz coordinated the program between the Whitnall School District, the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce and the Friends of Hales Corners Pool.

·          Aly Dudek International Ice Rink.  Plans are underway to build an Olympic-sized rink in Hales Corners Park. Aly, a resident of Hales Corners, is a member of the U.S. Short Track Speedskating team and won the Bronze medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

            Schwartz has also been representing Village residents and businesses for more than five years in efforts to block the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's extensive plans to widen Hwy. 100, which would have displaced homeowners and local businesses. A compromise was struck that saved residents’ homes from being demolished.

            "I'm very proud of these accomplishments and the willingness of residents, community organizations and businesses to work in tandem with government to better our community," adds Schwartz.  “I want to build upon these achievements to address the significant challenges facing Milwaukee County."

            In addition to Friends of Hales Corners Pool, Schwartz currently serves as president of the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce, which he helped reorganize in 2003.  He is also a professor of political science at Carthage College and the University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac and Sheboygan.  Schwartz has been a Village Trustee since April 2003. 

            Schwartz previously served as vice president, client relations at Plunkett Raysich Architects. Prior to moving back to Milwaukee, he served as president of Ceiling Restoration Services in Washington, D.C.  Schwartz received his master's degree from Georgetown University. and a bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. 

            A Friends of Don Schwartz account has been opened at Tri City National Bank in Hales Corners and Oak Creek.  A primary election will be held on February 21 for the 9th District, which includes all of Hales Corners and most of Franklin and Oak Creek.



  1. Is he kidding? This man is certainly not a visionary in the twenty first century. I am confident he has no knowledge of meaningful change needed in "community". He lacks this century's knowledge and understanding of community development and planning. Notice the very safe things he is involved in - pools, monuments ice rinks. He is a "good old boy" and probably yes, worthy of Milwaukee, Wisconsin's history good old boy system. He probably admires the sculpture in the Parking Garage at the Airport - People of Milwaukee represented as boats - faces and brains down in the water and in this case a dirty carpet.

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