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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Get a Life Purpose

By Harry Sardone

In the US, there's an emergent trend of switching gears to the slow lane. The slow cooking movement, one aspect of the slow living revolution, is making advances. It is continuously challenging the conventional attainment culture of "racing to nowhere."

The North American "fall from grace" has been sharply highlighted when the consumerist economy failed in 2008. Since then, more folks have realized the benefits "and joys "of finding meaning by chasing activities and experiences that are rather more psychologically satisfying, although less materially rewarding.

Crash and Burn

Where you are now may have been due to circumstances that you have little control over. You'll have been trapped in a certain way of life because of well-intentioned influences. You could be expending your energies in play and work that leave you drained rather than recharged. And you'll feel that you are already so well entrenched to be in a position to get out of the rut to start over.

But if you don't try to live life consciously, think of the alternative: You roll off the bed and go through the motions of pulling your feet to work. At the end of the day, you do everything in reverse as if in auto-pilot. When you look back and take stock, you wonder where five years went. Before you know it, you burned through a decade of unproductive work. And you have nothing to show for it, save for the discernible trophies that society associates with success.

You may just be drifting along if you do not pause for active reflection. You can finish up keeping in step with society, not with your inner, organic rhythms. A lot us might not be acutely aware of this, but this is the classic recipe to self-destruct.

Brave Heart

So how does one get out of this vicious cycle? How do you make your way around conventional culture and forge your own trail?

The way to self-determination will never be straightforward. It takes considerable courage and strength of character to become your own person. And you'd need unremitting persistence and belief in yourself to drive you to find your own bend.

This may not be an one-time effort: This is going to be a lifelong process. Consciously making moments that get you nearer to satisfy who you want to become will be met with unsought resistance. That's the reason why you need to fully comprehend precisely why you are here, regardless of whether that purpose was self-ascribed. You want to hang on to that when things get difficult.

Let Your Light Shine Through

But the benefits of a well-examined life are far more than worthwhile. When you live consciously and utilize all of your talents to make yourself happy, you also residually bless others along your trail. In turn, they find their own inner light. Then, they will also guide others who are groping in the dark.

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