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Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Option - Hawaii Real Estate Book Critique

By Gavis Rogers

This book is great, I read the reviews and they were all true! The author's language is clear and simple. He also says, "The number one reason most beginners strike out in this business is they overestimate the current market value of the very first pre-foreclosure property they purchase." The author explains things in detail. I don't know of anyone else who gets personal like this. Mr Lucier seems to be genuinely interested in helping others in this business, not just putting out a book or an educational system that others buy and then its "good luck if you can use it".

I found this book to be the best written in the subject. It is clear and easy to understand. Thomas Lucier gives practical step by step instructions on how to succeed in this business and makes a variety of sample forms and letters available for download and customization. Also, the book is written with today's technology in mind. And the forms are great! A friend in the business!

But I guess he's entitled. He worked very hard to get rich, and he shares his secrets openly in an inexpensive book, rather than trying to hoodwink you out of thousands by means of an infomercial.

To fill this gap I would also recommend Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble. This book focuses on the economic aspect of the bubble and presents a survey of the best methods to make money from the real estate mess. So far I've not found a better book that tells it like it is, good and bad. And something no one else does...he gives you his phone number and e-mail address and does answer your questions!

He makes no secret that this requires tremendous time and effort on the investor's part. But for those who are willing to do the work, this book offers a comprehensive guide to each step of the process, from identifying distressed properties and negotiating their purchase, to selling the property for a profit. Well this so called Guru's system had the Sizzle without the steak. This book provides just about all the info you need to get started in pre-foreclosure investing. I just bought his Options book and think that 2005 will be a very good year for me in the real estate business. I am on the right track now. For the amount that it cost to find out, it is worth the time to read it and the cash lay out to buy it. The content of the book is solid and practical. I spent less than $20 and on Thomas Lucier's book and I got more out of his book then I did out of all 4 programs. His book is easy to read. As possess are different in across the country, the book does apply broad principles. It is much more informative than similar books that just talk about past transactions.

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I bought this book on a Saturday and finished it in two days. small filter coffee machine.

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