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Sunday, January 22, 2012

IRS Audit Attorney - Deal Efficiently With an IRS Tax Attorney

By David Shapiro

Opting for a Tax Firm with Experienced Tax professionals

Selecting a tax firm is certainly a crucial judgment which will have considerable consequences on your time, your money, your peace of mind and most importantly your debt. As a matter of fact it will be among one of the most significant decision ever made by you. There is really no need to fear for you have received an auditing notice from the IRS. Selected tax payers, normally are audited every year. It does not means that you have done something wrong or have not paid your taxes.

The IRS sometimes employs Statistical tools to select tax payers who are with the maximum odds of avoiding their taxes. This is done just to assure that all those that have been selected have not claimed excessive deductions or understated their incomes. As soon as you receive a letter through the IRS, you should seek an expert tax relief specialist and take legal advice for an audit.

By hiring an IRS tax attorney you will save much of your precious time and also the attorney will aide you and make the process less tedious. However you need to make sure as of which audit you have been subjected to. There are three types of audits

The Field Audit
The Correspondence Audit
The Office Audit
The least of the worry is when you receive a correspondence audit. The IRS notifies you by providing you with a letter of any discrepancy related to your tax return. Any back taxes that you owe will be anticipated to be paid.
Again, in this type of IRS tax problems you should hire an IRS tax attorney to ensure that the calculations by the IRS are precise. If you do owe any of the back taxes you need to pay them instantaneously without any delay and if the IRS makes a mistake and you don't owe them any tax then you are provided with an option to contest within thirty days after you receive the letter.The IRS normally performs an office audit when it has some issues with the tax return made by you and needs to approve them by going through the supported documents he asks for.
The concerned officer will ask you to bring the documents such as the income statements, bank transactions, sales and investments documentations. The field audit will usually be performed by the revenue officer. It will usually be taken at your home or business. You need to go through the IRS audit carefully with your IRS tax attorney so that you are fully aware and know the implications of the audit.
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