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Monday, January 23, 2012

Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce Backs Lake Park Development Proposal

January 23, 2012

On Behalf of the Muskego Chamber of Commerce we would like to state our position on the property acquisition on the lake.

The Mission of the Chamber is: To help create prosperity and a vibrant community, with the vision of making our lake community a destination for work, home and play.

Muskego has a beautiful, natural lake in the middle of its downtown that has been hidden for decades from many visitors and residents. The possibility of getting a sneak peek at our natural resource has all the elements for creating prosperity and everything else our mission and vision stands for.

Following the city's 2020 Comprehensive plan, put together by a coalition of community members, states on Page 141 this goal:

To establish a memorable community image that builds on the City's small town atmosphere and natural amenities.

In addition, the city's investment in a "lake park" will be rewarded with significant return on investment with tax revenues from increased economic activity and tourism-related expenditures. Creating great public places pays off as a tool for economic development. Muskego needs a destination.

While some would hold out for a resolution for the Parkland Mall property before pursuing something else, its current legal complications make it an unrealistic choice for development at this time. Furthermore, the Parkland Mall property isn't likely to result in a public green space, creating a destination we so much need in our downtown.

The time is right to showcase our natural resources and our opportunity to create a desirable destination for work, home and play.

If we don't invest in our community, if we don't carefully plan for our future and our children's futures, businesses and residents will continue to locate to more progressive communities. Support the development of a "lake park". Lake Park along with our new Janesville Road will create a distinctive presence making our community a destination.

Tina Weiss
Executive Director
Muskego Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
414-422-1155 x111

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