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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Method On How To Reduce Bum Fat

By Kenneth Edwards

Here's how to get rid of bottom fat simply while firming, lifting, and toning your butt at the same time.

If you have butt fat, and it frustrates you and you have been desiring to dispose of it, then below you'll find 4 tips which will help you to lift, tone, and make your bum nice and firm minus the fat & cellulite. 

Methods to dumping bum fat:

Secret 1: Do alternating step ups 3 times per week. Steps are a great workout for burning butt fat, building and shaping a brilliant bum, and firming it to your likeness. You can use the steps in your place or apartment, a block of wood, or you can get one of those step up benches.

Just step up with one leg and back down, then alternate to the other leg. You can keep mixing it up to. This workout is great to do with music so you can keep rhythm instead of targeting so much on the "exercise itself". Do this for 2-4 minutes at a time, then take a short break, and start back.

Secret 2: Stop calorie counting (who cares) "focus on eating HIGH density nutrient foods. If you hate calorie counting, then do not. Focus instead on eating only meals that have high nutrition value. Foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins.

They will naturally be lower in calories, and because your body will get all that it requires you it will auto-correct your appetite and lead you to be less hungry. You want this in order to win the fight on ending the day with a surplus of energy (calories) which is the major cause of having a fat bum.

Secret 3: Eat digestible protein after workouts. Your post workout is different than any other meal that you eat all day. It should be higher in carbohydrates, but have a digestible protein with it. Also it should only be between 300-400 calories at most. This'll help to restore your body from the workout and help it to rebuild and get stronger.

Secret 4: Jump rope 2 times per week for 20 minutes. Jump rope is one of the most over looked (but amazing workouts). You need to use the jump rope to not only get in a good cardio burn, but to build lean fast twitch muscle in your thighs and your bum. This is the type of muscle that gives your body (butt) attractive shape and lift.

Learning how to get rid of butt fat is the simple part (and I think that I have done my some of it) but for it to literally occur, you've got to start to take action. This must be daily, consistent, action. Just begin following the tips above to get you going.
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