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Monday, January 30, 2012

Selecting Your Travelling Bag For A Weekend Getaway

By Darrel Davis

After working a long work week, weekends make the best time to just get away from it all. We all need time to relax every now and then, even if only for two days. To complete your trip, you will need to pick the right travelling bags.

The most important thing to look for in a bag is that it is durable. In addition, you want to check the area of the bag where the handles are attached to the bag and be sure that it is secured correctly. You can do this by tugging on the handles. You also want to be sure the zipper will not get stuck so just move the zipper a bit to test it out.

Now you may think that you are going to the beach for the weekend so a nice mesh bag is perfect. Well this is not the case because mesh bags are not waterproof. You need a waterproof bag in the event that you happen to be caught in the rain. You want your items inside the bag to be dry.

Try and locate a bag that is made with short handles but that also come with detachable handles that are long. This is because if your items are lightweight, you can just carry the bag in your hands and if need be, you can add the longer handles and sling it over your shoulders.

You should choose a bag that is large enough to hold three days worth of clothing. Even though the weekend is basically only two days, you never know when you may need a change of clothes. Also, if the bag is not large enough, you will end up stuffing your clothes in the bag only to have them wrinkled.

Choosing weekend travelling bags will ensure that your clothing and other items will stay dry and wrinkle-free. For more information, consult the internet.

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