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Monday, January 30, 2012

Techniques To Write Good Articles

By Marcus Ryan

Writing an article is always tough for those who don't have the natural writing talents. This is why I lay out a series of steps to follow that can you write better articles. The first thing when writing articles is to always write attractive articles. Depending on your niche or topic you must target the keywords related to your topic. Also your title should create some sort of curiosity.

The first thing is to concentrate on the topic of your article. You must stay on point on the entire article. If you are talking about cats, then your entire article should be about cats. This is where targeted marketing plays a big part on article marketing strategies. Staying on topic is important to make sure your readers are very targeted.

Another great tip is to always fill the author's resource box. This is also known as the bio section of each article. This section allow you to promote anything you want at the end of your article. Article marketers use this sections to promote and sell products and services using articles. If your article is good readers might listen to your recommendations.

Try to always engage the reader in your article with valuable information. But also leave a trace of curiosity that will make them hunger for more. If you can layout your article well then you will be able to direct traffic to wherever you want. Not only does article marketing has some great SEO benefits but you will get far more out of each article. The amount of traffic you can generate from a single article is amazing.

If you are able to create enough curiosity with your article you will see big rewards. Your bio section is a great spot to attract each reader and make them want to click. You can do this by offering incentives or talking about a related product or service that can solve the readers problem. Each article will be your platform to drive hungry visitors to your site. The more articles you have on a topic the better results and traffic you will receive.

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