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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Makes UK Originated Orators A League Above The Others?

By Trisha Dave Pearson

UK speakers are entertaining, informative and exciting. Whether it is an after-dinner speech or an invited lecture, getting the right person on the podium can be the making of your event. A 'brand name' may attract more guest through the door, but having a comparative unknown with a riveting message will have people talking long afterwards.

The subject of the guest speech does not have to be connected to the topic of the meeting itself. If your organization is involved in manufacturing and selling cosmetics, having a keynote speech about social media will give your attendees something to take with them when they leave. On the other hand, a uk speakers talk of being a survivor of a harrowing experience like falling off an icy cliff will have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats.

Your honored guest can come from the fashion industry, history, literature or travel. A group of beer enthusiasts would find it very entertaining and informative to listen to a brewer speaking about his techniques, equipment and career path. A gathering of people interested in investments could glean useful information from an expert on trading in precious metals.

Your headliner need not even be asked to deliver a lecture. They can be a pantomime troup, an improvisation group or even a comedian or a musician. Their most important attraction is their ability to entertain and hold peoples' attention.

The essential qualities in an entertaining and compelling guest speaker are simple. They need to be well acquainted with their material. It is no good asking a manager of a Chinese restaurant to talk about Italian cuisine. You wouldn't ask a weaver to speak about gardening. If the speech is to be about cruise liners in the south pacific, make sure the speaker has actually been there. If it is about the theater, invite an actor or a director to give the keynote speech.

A good speaker will be confident and engaging. If they are speaking before an international audience, they need to keep the language that they use simple and unambiguous. The eccentricities of the English language are tricky enough for native speakers, let alone those for whom it may be a second language.

Avoiding the use of colloquialisms and idiom is important in front of a cosmopolitan gathering. It is less so if the audience, as well as the speaker, is based in the United Kingdom. If a sprinkling of humor is used, care needs to be taken that it is easily understood by the target audience. The speech needs to hold their attention. It should have an introduction, a main body and then a summary at the end.

UK speakers will leave the audience both wanting more and being satisfied. They will be convinced they got value for time spent and they know more or feel better than they did when they walked in. A truly gifted speaker will inspire the audience to take action, to change something.

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