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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BMI Calculator - The Reliable Way To Assess Your Present Health

By Jamila Combee

BMI or Body Mass Index is a barometer that helps evaluate somebody's weight ratio relative to that person's height. The computation of BMI for women and men don't vary given that just the weight and height would be the criteria required, therefore a BMI calculator works well with either sexes. BMI assists you to determine how many pounds you have to drop, if necessary, and the level of weight the body need to maintain to keep it in normal range.

An increasing number of people have an interest in knowing their BMI seeing that obesity is now serious problem these days. Nothing elaborate or difficult about it and there are now a few sites that have a BMI calculator in which individuals simply have to input how much they weigh and how tall they are. After a few seconds you will have a in front of you. The results of a BMI calculator are even utilized in medical underwriting by private health insurance providers.

Due to the rising probability of chronic diseases as well as mortality as a result of obesity, the WHO or World Health Organisation has established numerous categories for the BMI. In these categories: BMI index of 25 up to 29.9 is recognized as overweight, a BMI index of 30-39.9 is obese, and finally a BMI index of over 40 is considered morbid obesity. The target for everybody is to try to gain a BMI rating of below 25 to remain in the weight category considered as healthy and balanced.

Despite that the BMI calculator employs the same approach for males and females, the categories change between the two sexes. Genetically speaking women hold more fat in them, while males have more muscle in them.

BMI index categorizes an individual's general health percentile ranking using a BMI calculator that designates a particular category. It might not be a diagnostic tool, but a BMI calculator can easily evaluate the mortality or morbidity risk of a person. This way, a physician can detect whether an individual is at health danger.

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