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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Defending Yourself Against Muggers

By Bary J Merlo

I live in an area in which mugging is an incident that happens quite often. I surely feared that I would become a target one day, that was exactly why I tried my very best to take every single preventative measure possible.

Aside from my staying off the streets during odd hours, I believed that it would not hurt to have personal protection. Thus, I went ahead and sought out pepper spray guns for sale on the web to assist me defend myself in case of an attack.

I preferred a pepper spray because I had recognized exactly how useful it is for personal protection. Once sprayed, it leaves an unbearable burning sensation on the face of the individual. This, needless to say, disables him for a short while.

Immediately after finding numerous alternatives on Web sites, I grew to become adamant about purchasing a pepper gun, which is pepper spray inside a canister that is shaped like a gun. I love that it is simple to use as well as easy to bring around inside my pocket.

From the options that I stumbled upon, I figured that the Mace pepper gun stood out the most. It makes use of "bag-in-a-can" technology, an advanced delivery system which allows the gadget to be sprayed constantly just like an aerosol. This is regardless of the angle, even if the container is upside down.

Furthermore, it is built with an LED light which is activated by the trigger. This offers a much better aim at the target and could probably even disorient him.

There's no question that a gun pepper spray simplifies self-defense towards mugging and other attacks. Furthermore, it is essential to me that all defense sprays are non fatal weapons. I will be able to defend myself efficiently but not worry at the same time about inflicting lifelong injury on the assailant.

My personal hunt for pepper spray guns for sale within my neighborhood was not as difficult as I considered it will be. And I was impressed with the collection given on the web as well as the ease of having an order sent right to my house.

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