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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Facts About 24 Hour Emergency Room In Houston

By Elnora Brock

A medical facility dedicated to caring patients that suddenly come without a set appointment is called a 24 hour emergency room Houston. People who head there may be brought by different means. The most usual means, however, is by an ambulance. This facility is usually part of a hospital.

Since the situations they usually handle are the unplanned ones, this department makes sure it provides initial treatment immediately for various illnesses or injuries, which are usually life-threatening. For people in other countries, however, this facility serves as an entry point if they have no access to professional health care.

This is a facility that does not stop operations and is staffed according to the estimated number of incoming patients. Some staff work during the day shift while others work during the night shift.

This particular department prioritizes cases that are perceived to be life-threatening before proceeding with the patients with mild cases. The distinction is made easy with a triage system.

This system is the first stage a patient must pass through. He is evaluated according to the severity of the situation and may either be given a set of instructions, medicines to take or apply, or immediate attention should the need arise.

Many will be evaluated and then referred to the appropriate department where a specialist takes care of them. The time they wait is determined according to the urgency of their needs. Cases considered minor will only be handled by staff at the triage, assuming that they have enough resources to provide for the patient.

Patients in life-threatening emergencies are cleared immediately from passing the triage and directly proceed to the next section of the 24 hour emergency room Houston known as the resuscitation area. This is where life must be restored first before the recovery process happens. 24 hour emergency room houston

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