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Monday, February 13, 2012

Google Analytics Tips for WordPress Websites

By Barbara Bea Leichten

Hello again absolutely everyone Prior to I got into Search Engine Optimization, I utilized to feel (like most other mistaken and uninformed marketers at that time) that good content material was achieved just by cramming targeted keywords and phrases and phrases into a web-site and sitting back to wait on organic traffic to take a look at. Right after checking our internet site stats and steadily increasing my know-how on this distinct subject I soon identified out that I was absolutely wrong! In fact, a single of my web-sites in distinct seemed to be heavily penalized for "more than density" keyword insertion.

Web-site copy is most critical. It has to be "friendly" to the search engine spiders which crawl it, to the individuals who sooner or later view it and simply navigated by everyone utilizing it. Bearing this in thoughts, you require to be crystal clear on specifically why you have set up this particular website. You will need to know what it does, how it does it and what action you want any visitors to take when they get there.

For Seo purposes you are trying to attract "favourable" attention from the search engines and Google in certain. Having said that, your website need to be developed for the common Joe in thoughts. We locate that if a web-site is designed in this manner the search engines will come across it a bit "tasty" and problem a superior pagerank.

The following 3 suggestions need to help you determine on content material: 1. Try to have at least 200 words of copy on every single page of your site. Search engines adore it. There is no need for extended essays unless the action you need from the visitor demands it. In this text you consist of your most critical keyword phrases but with out saturating the content material with them as this tends to "warp" how it reads.

2. You Have to use phrases which you have already utilized in the other tags of the pages. three. Add additional copy filled pages to the website, such as "how to" guidelines, articles and lessons. These varieties of pages help with Search engine marketing and you must find out that other web sites will naturally link to you.

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  1. I understand. My company has recently hired a Google analytics consultant which has been really interesting for us. As for my personal blog I'm slowly trying to implement some of the techniques I learnt but it is going to take a while to get my blog optimised.