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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How To Build A Home Theater

By Eric Stafford

It is not difficult to expend five-figure dollars on the home theater of your dreams. But, with careful planning and bargain hunting, you can create a fantastic home entertainment theater for your family for significantly less. Whether your budget is $10K or $1K, you can find the ideal components for your system, and create a theater that the family will love.

If we all had $10,000 to spend on a home theater system, we wouldn't have to do such careful planning. We could hire someone else to do it. But, the reality is that we can build a home theater that adequately suits our needs for just a couple thousand dollars. If we take the time to plan our system, plan our budget, and buy the optimal components for our requirements, we can have an absolutely killer home theater.

It is a better idea to buy each component separately instead of buying a complete system in one shot. Since you will be buying each component separately, you do not need to incur the expense all at once. An additional benefit is that you can also buy premier components that may not be possible to buy with a complete system since the package is already built for you. This strategy will also help you to stay in the budget. When purchasing the speakers, however, you should buy all of them at once.
The TV is the focal point of your home theater and should be purchased first. High definition TVs provide the best possible picture quality and you really should not consider purchasing a TV that is not high definition. The most common HDTV on the market is the LCD 32 inch TV. LED, plasma and projection TVs are less common, but not necessarily lower quality. Upon procuring your TV, you can start the fun proses of building the theater system around it.
All of the components of your home theater run through the receiver in some way. The receiver controls the audio of the entire system. All of the components send their signals to the receiver and the receiver does the work to pass those signals to the right output. Make sure to spend a considerable amount of time to find the best quality receiver you can afford. Your entire theater experience will suffer with a low quality receiver.
To get the theater experience, you need to find a nice set of surround sound speakers. They provide the superior sound quality that you find in movie theaters and want to recreate in your theater. When buying your surround sound components, you should get them as a complete set from one manufacturer. The manufacturer designs them to work harmoniously together.
For high definition movie playback, you will need a Blu-Ray player. They provide high definition output for a crystal clear display and are a nice final touch to a good home theater system.
Cables to connect your system together should not be overlooked. HDMI cables will transmit high definition signals between components.
As technologies change and become more popular, you can take advantage of falling prices and rising trends when you build your home theater system one component at a time.
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