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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mobile platform, Safari supports the API and Android4 develop fast

By Jerri Lily

In Sencha, we tested the latest version of iOS and Android in order to understand each platform to the characteristics of Web developers, as well as their respective advantages.

In order to become a first-class Web application platform, the browser to the Web developers to provide a core set of functions: rendering engine is used to display visual elements as smooth as possible; Javascript engine, used for the implementation of the application logic; and the Document Object Model and browser API for HTML5 features as well as support the launching of the network requests, upload files, manipulate pages, action. From the Web application developer's perspective, the Android 4 and iOS 5, we discuss the three-part content.

IOS version is newer, but the gap between them is small, this is because the WebKit rendering performance depends on its specific implementation in hardware and software. Our testing, we found that Android 4 rendering speed significantly improved compared with the Android 2.x and Android 3.

Touch scrolling has become a lot smoother and Android common pause basically disappeared completely. Unfortunately, it has obvious flaws in rendering, such as in the use of JavaScript and CSS3 mobile elements on the screen will flicker and slow scrolling. Web applications rely on dynamically move elements, Android's performance is worse than the Android 2.2. Generally speaking, Google has made great progress to enhance the browser experience.

Meanwhile, the Android 4 new version supports for many CSS3 features, the iOS 5 early also supports these features.

Specifically, the Android 4 is now improved to support the CSS3 2D and 3D transformation and animation, transition, and reflection. For the progress of Android is so huge, because the developers in the design that they pursuit the smooth and beautiful web applications and it is not only to think of Apple when the people talk about the smartphone.

Along with the support of these features, we hope that Google and Android hardware vendors work together for their products.

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