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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Radio Controlled Helicopter

By Colin Gauntlet-Hayes

The Parrot AR Drone is so much more than a radio controlled helicopter, it truly is the truth is a quadricopter which is controlled by your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device. Not merely that, the copter also has a leading good quality on board front camera and vertical camera so you may capture all the thrills of the flight reside, as it occurs, on your telephone device. You are able to also use this Parrot AR Drone indoors or outdoors thanks towards the provided interchangeable hulls, but if you're into your gaming then you will be in for a real treat.

When you are on the lookout for a correct massive boy's toy, then this small gem could be the 1 for you.

It is possible to now dive into the App shop and download a variety of features and games to further improve the use of your Parrot AR Drone. One with the games I have downloaded to use with my drone is AR.FlyingAce, a pure enjoyable filled flight and dog fight battle with other drone users; fantastically addictive!

To be honest, when the Parrot AR Drone arrived I was a bit less than impressed. I assume that was largely because of the cost. Possibly I was expecting something a little bit more robust and fancy for my dollars, due to the fact yes, it's a rather expensive toy. Nevertheless, as soon as I put the copter into action I was much more than pleased with my purchase. It is actually so in contrast to any other radio operated flying toy I had ever tried before, and that's primarily down towards the tech. The controls are smooth and not over sensitive which makes flying the drone straightforward and fun.

I'm just a little disappointed by the battery life, but it's not such a deal breaker. A hefty cost tag, but a whole heap of fun!

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