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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sedation Dentist Is Vital to Any Dentistry

By Yvonne Brixey

Most general dentist training includes some type of sedation dentist training. Fremont sedation dentist and fremont ca sedation dentistry can give you more information about the dental school required to be licensed as a sedation dentist, although mostly a sedation dentist is not just a sedation dentist but has a regular dental practice or cosmetic dentistry practice.

Why must sedation dentist training be required? Well, just think of getting dental implants. If you're not familiar with dental implants, the process includes anchoring the dental implants to your jaw which includes drilling a hole into your bone. Can you imagine the pain that dental procedure would cause without any sedation dentist? I would rather have missing teeth than go through a dental implants procedure without a trained and licensed sedation dentist there.

Just like a pharmacist needs a license to practice medicine, a sedation dentist must have specific legal permission after ample training to administer any type of sedation or pain medication. A cosmetic dentist will often have sedation dentist training since a cosmetic dentist is almost always doing dental procedures that will cause pain. Cosmetic dentistry probably wouldn't exist without sedation dentist training. I mean, who wants to have cosmetic procedures done without any pain relief? That's crazy?! So, cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentist training walk hand-in-hand.

Other examples of sedation dentist training would be in a general dentistry office. Dental procedures such as cleaning out the decay of a cavity and filling it in is working around the dental nerves of patients which would definitely cause some pain or a lot of pain! In this case a general dentist would use his/her sedation dentist training, probably not to put their patients to sleep but at least to manage the pain locally for their patients comfort. Other examples of when a general dentist would use sedation dentist training is for performing a dental root canal or removing excessive dental tartar and plaque build-up, or removing teeth.

A dentist who specifically removes wisdom teeth would also use sedation dentist training. Most wisdom teeth are removed for preventative reasons. Wisdom teeth are often removed before they have grown through the gums and so this type of dental procedure would require that patients be put to sleep with sedation dentist training. Usually a sedation dentist will use an IV for administering the sedation. This sedation dentist procedure would also help the patients to be able to hold still and keep their mouth open (or the dentist keep the patients mouth open) during the dental procedure. The patients will leave the dental procedure without excessive pain and will not remember any of the dental surgery since the patients were a-sleep during the entire sedation dentist procedure.

There are many other examples of why a sedation dentist would be required or, more likely that sedation dentist training would be necessary for any dentistry no matter the dental specialty. Sedation dentist training has come a long way in the last 100 years. The understanding of medication and chemicals and how they affect the body have brought the sedation dentist profession to life. Examples of Sedation Dentist Work

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