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Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Methods I Use To Quickly Sell My Property Without A Realtor

By Leo Kingston

The fact is, a homeowner can always sell a house by owner without listing it with a real estate agent. As the seller, it's your responsibility, and as we all know, usually other people are not eager to do our job for us. But one thing that is not commonly known is that you can sell your house yourself even if you list with an agent. I often sell my house quickly by selling it myself.

So, to put it another way, you can decide to locate a buyer by advertising and showing your own house. When you find a buyer, then you can enlist the services of a professional agent at that point, because there's a lot to know about negotiating and closing a sale effectively. You'll need to acquire legal documents and know how to fill them out properly, as well as know where to take them where after signing. Locating my buyer is only the first step of a home sale, and there's a lot more to the job.

Whenever I'm in a rush and need to sell my house as quickly as possible there are times I find the buyer myself but thereafter I hire an agent to close the sale. And that "tag-team" system works for me because I'm at ease talking to people about houses and money. In other words, it's easy for me. You need to ask yourself if you are comfortable talking to people about money because many homeowners are not. People who are not familiar with sales or real estate or investments sometimes get intimidated or just uncomfortable. That's another reason to utilize the services of a professional agent.

While you can sell your house by owner anytime you choose you must be willing to learn how to do it properly. Are you wondering, "How can I sell my house quickly?" then now is a good time to consider to what you already know and to acquire the forms you'll need for the transaction. Let's talk about the first form you need to have on hand. It's called an Exclusive Right To Sell, and it gives your agent the right to collect a real estate commission regardless of who brings a buyer to for your house. Even if you bring in your own buyer you will be obligated to pay a commission.

Or, alternatively, there's an Exclusive Agency Agreement, which is a form you'll use if you want to maintain the right to sell your house yourself without paying a commission. It actually gives your agent the right to collect a commission on the sale, but you are also allowed to sell your house yourself and not pay a commission. Understandably, agents don't like this second type of agreement because their right to a commission is not protected. In this article I've provided important information I use whenever I want to sell my house quickly by owner.

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