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Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 Great Ways To Relieve Stress

By Richard Horowitz

If you are caught in the middle of a stressful situation, it is hard to clear your mind from negative thoughts long enough to think of ways to reduce stress. No matter if you are having panic attacks, if you are depressed or even if you just feel you can't cope with things, the help you need must be swift and effective.

Stress is your body's response to a difficult situation. In ancient times it was necessary to keep us out of trouble or danger. Now situations are different, and even if it would make us feel better, we can't very well punch someone or run away. We need other options, or the stress will go on bugging us until it causes real damage.

However, there are three main steps you can take to relieve stress. But before we begin, let's just remember that reading them is not enough! You need to actually do them to have any effect on your stress levels. So choose the one that you think will work best for you and get started!

Try to relax

This suggestion might seem off the wall when you are really stressed out, but the best way to fight stress is to integrate relaxation routines into your daily life. You should make time at least three times a week for activities such as prayer, yoga, meditation, guided visualization, and listening to binaural tapes.

Relaxation techniques like these will make you feel better right away. More importantly, they will also reduce your tendency to react to stress in your life in the future, if practiced regularly. They will also help you to sleep, which is often an issue for people who are suffering from stress and looking for ways to relieve stress.

Establish Healthy Habits

If you react to stress by diving into cookies, coffee, beer, cigarettes and even coffee, it would be best for you if you can make some changes. It could easily be that this is not the best time to give them up, but you should at least try to diminish your intake.

Substances such as those described above will affect the way you feel. They are a drain on the body's resources. No matter how much they seem to help at the moment, they really are not in your best interest.

You should instead try to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, and engage in relaxing activities such as a warm bath instead than relying on things that are not good for you. Playing with a child or a pet can be a great stress reliever too.

Keep a light schedule

Do what needs to be done to the most of your abilities, but don't fill up your schedule unrealistically. If you are trying to come up with a list of things you need to take care of at work, make sure that what you schedule is possible for you to accomplish. Keep in mind that most of the things will take at least twice as long as you expect, plus you need breaks.

If you can plan your day in a realistic way, you will be able to accomplish what you set out for yourself. If you can get some things accomplished, you will feel like you deserve to rest and relax at the end of your day. This is probably one of the best ways to relieve stress.

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