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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Causes of Asthma that You Need to Know

By Jairus Marl

Adult Onset Asthma can be experienced at the most vulnerable state. Commonly, asthma only occurs in children but actually even 20-year-olds are still susceptible and even those who haven't had asthma ever since. The primary symptom of adult onset asthma is shortness of breath and is often accompanied by frequent coughing, wheezing, swelling airway lining, and chest pains. Childhood asthma symptoms seem to disappear through time but the symptoms of adult onset asthma don't just go away instead it stays and comes nonstop which may require the right medication. Know asthma better in this article.

People who may develop adult onset asthma include women who are experiencing hormonal changes like the pregnant ones and those going through menopause. Women taking estrogen after menopause, those who had colds or flu, or are obese are also prone to having adult onset asthma. Allergies, exposure to irritants from the environment such as tobacco, smoke, dust, mold, perfumes, and feather beds can also precipitate adult onset asthma. These asthma triggers are often ignored by adults because they are not associated with health that often. However, in reality, these triggers can contribute a lot to the progression of adult onset asthma.

Asthma Education - Its Significance

In order to minimize the harmful effects of asthma, one must be familiar with the symptoms. If you know the symptoms, you can think of a better way to cure it. Keep your airways checked so that it will be easier to figure out the right medication to take if there are any irregularities. If you have adult onset asthma, it is possible that the lining of your airway will swell and mucus production will increase which can make the airways thinner because of muscle contraction.

These bodily processes may lead to having shortness of breath, repeated coughing especially at night, wheezing sound while breathing, difficulty of breathing, and chest pains. Adult onset asthma can be confirmed through a thorough medical history. Asthma can be passed on from one generation to another since it is genetic so it is necessary that you have your doctor listen to your breath sounds, perform a lung function and methacholine challenge test, then let the doctor see the results of your X-ray. Asthma education will stop you from doing the wrong things.

Adult onset asthma can be very harmful so it is necessary to be mindful of symptoms and have a ready asthma action plan from your physician. Your action plan will be fit for your asthma characteristics if it is done based on your history and severity of asthma. A good asthma action plan contains a list of medication that you can use during an attack. It also mentions the proper way of administering these drugs. Moreover, the plan includes interventions that you can use each time your asthma occurs as well as a list of contact person you can ask for help during emergency. You must try to learn your asthma action plan by heart. If in case there is something you don't understand, ask your physician about it. You have to believe that health is in fact wealth.

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