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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hints On How To Change A Broken Cord On A Sash Window

By Glen Middleston

Sash screens are ones consisting of parts that slide either horizontally or vertically and are normally in pairs. It is attached inside a frame window such that the window moves through the pulley action of the sash cord. Proper functioning of a frame window depends majorly on working of this string which if damaged leaves the window completely inoperative. Here is information about how to change a broken cord on a sash window.

Since the string is boxed within the window casing therefore in order to replace it first take out the surface casing and metal assembly to have access to the spoiled strings and the weights placed within. Removal of one or both screen stops helps in swinging out the inner or lower damaged parts. Pull the strings free that are fit into grooves and lower the weights. Then remove the upper part by removing the parting bead that connects the two parts.

There are series of stops that are attached to the side screen frames or jamb which help in the working of sashes. Remove these screen stops first so as to swing out the lower frame and pull the sash cords free. Pry the parting strip that connects the lower and upper sashes. This removes the upper part too.

Once the damaged parts are removed, it is necessary to get access to the weights. They can be accessed by removing the trim. Now it is necessary to pull the weights from the pockets where they are placed. Once the weights are pulled out, you can easily disconnect the rest of the string, is there is any.

Once you are finished with cutting the remaining part of the new string, you should thread the new string through the pulley and down to the weights. Take a piece of string, 2 foot long and tie it to one end of the string. Fasten the other end to a screw and place it over the winch on top of the screen frame.

It is now necessary to plunge the screw end of the string on the winch which is placed on the top of the frame and take hold of the screw out of the crevice of the weight by dropping the replacement string at the back the frame. Now you should pull the replacement string with two feet long string attached to it through the weight crevice and then cut off this additional string.

Spot the location of frame hole on the string. Then cut the string ends and install the string through the frame screen. Pull down the cord till the spotted hole and then drag it out from the frame hole. Tie a knot and remove the excess string and place it back again into the frame hole.

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