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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Learn about the Rewards and Benefits Concerning the Thule K-summit

By Naoma Stark

The company is reputed for the manufacturing of highly innovative automotive racks and accessories. Continuing with its innovative products, the company now brings excellent snow tires chains with its Thule K-Summit range. These snow tire chains enable you to travel safely to your destinations with style and comfort.

The products are appropriate for all kinds of passenger car tires. In addition, you can also use the snow tire chains to fit on other vehicles that are sold with limited wheel clearance. The company has carried out safety tests on these products in Italian Alps and they are safe and easy to fit.

These chains are made with durable manganese nickel alloy steel, these snow chain tires are manufactures in Italy. The specially manufactured steel ensures superior molecular structure that provides more strength during the winter season. Moreover, the snow tire chains are D-shaped and reduced clearance linkages that enable higher grip and sturdiness.

These tire chains use a steel type of spring system that automatically sets itself to fit properly during varying temperatures. For providing the products a long life and safety, aerospace plastic plates, hardened metal core rivets, and zinc plated steel pins are used. Moreover, the company provides color-coded assembly to simplify the mounting process under all types of lighting.

The installation process begins with laying the two grip plates on the tire treads. This is followed by attaching the central unit to the lug nut with the available tool. Finally, you must activate the ratchet system. These chains automatically adjust and tighten as needed when you start driving the car. The chains include 17 mm and 19 mm adapters and the company provides 21 mm adapters when requested.

Procuring the Thule K-Summit chains is simple and can be ordered with ease. Before ordering the chains, ensure the company does not prohibit the use of these snow chain tires. Verify the width, aspect ratio, and the diameter of your wheels. Using these three dimensions, you can order the required size from the company's web site.

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