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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Run-Down Of US Passport Services

By Ben Pate

When it comes to international travel, passports are definitely a necessity. Because passports act as international identification documents there is a process involved when obtaining one. However by being familiar with the process a United States passport can be easily obtained. Once a passport is received it's important to keep up with all the necessary updates that a passport requires. These include passport renewals, passport name changes, and similar updates. By staying on top of renewal dates and changes international travel will be less stressful.

Passport Application Process

When it comes to applying for a U S passport it's important to be prepared. This means that you must research and obtain all the necessary documentation involved in getting a passport. This includes a certificate stating country of origin, other forms of ID such as a licence, and passport photos. Also, there is a government fee associated with getting a passport, so be sure to have that ready as well.

Expedited Passport Services

Sometimes a passport is required immediately, such as in instances where travel is unexpected and urgent. For this reason there are expediting services available. Depending on the time frame in which you need the passport you can have it delivered. There are also some agencies that can offer overnight passport services.

Passport Renewal Services

Adult passports can be renewed, as long as they are valid at the time of renewal. Often times when visiting a country there are certain restrictions regarding the dates of the passports validity. Some require the passport to be valid at least six months after the visit. This means that some passports may need to be renewed before their renewal date. Children's passports cannot be renewed. They are only valid for five years, and then a new passport must be obtained.

When A Passport Is Lost

Unfortunately, reports from travelers of stolen passports are becoming more and more commonplace. It is for this reason that it is so critical, when traveling abroad, that you keep your passport in a safe and secure location. However, if you do lose or have your passport stolen, there are steps that you must take. Contact the local authorities and let them know what has happened. They will generally red-flag your passport so that it cannot be used by the thief. Also, you will have to begin the process of obtaining a replacement passport before you leave for home. You will not be allowed access back into the United States of America without a passport. You should contact the American embassy if your passport has been stolen while overseas. They will be able to help you expedite the process of obtaining a replacement.

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