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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training To Hone Your Leadership Skills

By Louis Kinchel

One indispensable element that every institution needs is quality leader ship. You'll see this in any successful organization whether it's a club, committee or a team. How does one become a successful leader? How come one person seems to have an innate sense on how to convince and get people to move while others remain floundering?

Good leadership training is one thing these outstanding leaders have experienced in their field of interest. In order to develop successful leaders in your organization, here are three concepts that you should take into consideration:

The Individual Leader - There are certain individuals whom people believe are inherently born to be leaders. They instinctively know how to act and think like leaders. Be that as it may, that still doesn't discount the fact that anyone can become a leader. A lot of people become very good leaders with time and experience. A case in point, there are people who have started out with entry level positions in a company but as they learned more and acquired more skills, they slowly advanced through the ranks. The more they know about their chosen field, the better chances they had for a promotion. If asked to choose between a member of their organization and an untested person, most organizations opt to go with their own member knowing that at least he or she is already acquainted with how the organization works.

The Collective Organization - You'll find that every team member plays a key role in the organization. Particular tasks are performed by the members that when put together makes the organization function as a whole. Essentially, an organization has two elements - leaders and followers. These two components work in tandem towards the organization's success. The goals of the organization will be easier to accomplish if the members are the given the chance to work together, this way they'll develop trust and confidence in the each other's abilities.

The Training Provider - We had an academic honors society back in grade school, and I was one of the leading members. As one of the leaders, I was one of the four students who were asked to attend a leadership training camp when the school year opened. Aside from the usual talks and discussions, there were a lot of activities we got involved in, like the rope course which had taught me a lot. To foster brotherhood between the team members was the reason why they made us play the game. The group succeeded because each one cooperated. Everyone pitched in; where physical strength was needed, the jocks lent their muscle, and where cunning was needed, the geeks lent their brain. We won because we talked and listened to each other, we worked together and we followed the plan to the letter.

So you weren't voted class president? So you failed to head the clean and green march to save the rivers? Don't worry, you can still become a valuable and competent leader, you just need to be nudged in the right direction and given a little guidance.

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