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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Want To Stop Your Tinnitus Symptoms?

By Abdul Colglazier

Learning how to best handle tinnitus can be difficult, at best. There does not seem to be enough useful information to put the suffering to an end. That is why these tips were compiled, to provide some advice that will lead to relief. Read on to find some practical ways to help yourself.

To help you get some relief from the symptoms of tinnitus, you should try sleeping with a fan or some background noise. The external sound can work to drown out the noise you hear in your ears, providing some temporary relief. You will be able to get a little more sleep and be more alert for the new day.

One trick I like to use to beat my tinnitus is the snack cure. I chew on something crunchy, like high fiber rye crackers, nuts, or even cereal. The sound literally masks the whooshing in my ears and I'm getting a healthy little treat to boot. It makes my tinnitus attacks a little more bearable.

Stress is known to aggravate tinnitus and actually make the symptoms worse for some people. You must minimize the stress in your life in order to better manage your tinnitus. Whether the stress is from your career, family, or other situations, try to step by and not let the stressful situation overtake your life. Stay calm and know that things will work out.

Running is a great way to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and help to lessen the symptoms of tinnitus. It will help your whole system get healthy by supplying lots of oxygen through deep breathing and a cardio workout. Run a few times a week to get as many benefits as possible.

You should check your levels of cholesterol. It is commonly known that cholesterol is bad for your heart, however, it could also play a big role in causing your tinnitus. What happens is that your blood ends up being pushed harder through your less flexible blood vessels, and you can hear the forceful blood flow that is coming through your ears. By keeping your cholesterol in check, you can help decrease some of this force.

For the suffer of tinnitus consider nutritional supplementation. On numerous online forums suffers of tinnitus nearly swear by lipoflavinoids. While none say it is an outright cure a vast majority of them reported symptoms that disappear for long periods of time, or symptoms, which are much less severe. At a low cost, it is well worth a try.

Stimulants should be avoided as much as possible if you have tinnitus. These stimulants include, but are not limited to: soda, coffee, tea, tobacco and any other caffeinated products. The stimulants will cause the ringing or buzzing in your ears to increase to a level that is much more uncomfortable for you to live with.

Tinnitus can be caused by a variety of conditions. One common cause is injury or a blow to the head. Maybe you have fallen, hitting your head. Or maybe a car accident caused whiplash. These types of accidents are common causes of tinnitus and should always be evaluated by a doctor.

To prevent tinnitus from happening in the first place, or just flaring back up, avoid loud noises whenever possible. Travel with at least one pair of earplugs available. If worst comes to worst, use your fingers. By doing these things, you can protect your ears as they are and prevent your condition from worsening.

If you have trouble falling asleep in your bedroom due to your tinnitus, try a different room. Put an air mattress in the living room or sleep on the couch. If you can find a room where you fall asleep more easily with the ambient noise available there you may end your sleeping problems for good!

By following some of the tips above, hopefully, you can get some relief from your tinnitus symptoms. If your condition is unmanageable however, you should visit your local physician. Additionally, make sure that you keep up to date with the latest news from the tinnitus medical community, as scientific research is ongoing and a tinnitus cure that works for you could be about to enter the market.

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