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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yahoo plans to restructure

By Jerri Lily

Yahoo's chief product officer, Blake Irving, said that he originally planned the reorganization of Yahoo products division will be held in abeyance, because Yahoo will be more large-scale restructuring.

Irving said on Thursday a memorandum sent to the subordinate, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson will carry out more large-scale reorganization of Yahoo products sector restructuring will be held in abeyance. He said: "We feel partial to the action of the products, products sector the new structure designed to be in place before any corporate restructuring, however, it is clear that these two tasks in parallel, which makes products sector restructuring prior to the corporate restructuring conduct becomes meaningless. "

Back in February of this year, Irving had revealed that Yahoo products division will be restructured. At that time, sources said, Irving plans to hire a global advertising sales director or revenue managers, and recruit more products executives. Irving also plans to lay off and give up some of the existing business.

Yahoo is facing increasingly serious situation, including the more loss of executives, board of directors to change, more importantly, the massive restructuring of the company within the Yahoo staff is waiting for a few weeks. Yahoo CEO Thompson yesterday sent a letter to all employees, designed to appease the mood, also hinted that there will be more happening.

Thompson first mentioned after the beginning of the year as Yahoo CEO, the company launched an in-depth study, focusing on "what makes Yahoo to become a special and what does not work." He said that Yahoo's future will become aggressive and move forward ", because" real change is about to come. "

Thompson mentioned in the memo that Yahoo need to adhere to three core principles: the first one is focus on the competitive advantage of business; the second one is the liberation of all employees, streamline work processes, make better decisions; the third one is to think creatively how to use the trust relationship between the company and the user to create new business.

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