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Friday, April 6, 2012

Health Through Bioidentical Hormone Treatments

By Allen Cardoza

Dr. Prudence Hall is definitely a champion for the overall well-being of her patients. Her passion for helping men and women acquire a healthy existence was immediately present when my co-host Dr. Melody Foxx and I interviewed her on our radio program.

It began when she started investigating the end results of oral contraceptives on her patients. She was shocked to learn that many of her patients, after a few years of birth control pill usage had extremely low hormonal levels. In some instances, women in their twenties had levels comparable to menopause patients. This realization led to her becoming a front-runner of medical advances for women and men with hormonal issues.

Over the last thirty years, Dr. Hall has focused on using bioidentical hormone treatments on her patients. She notes that balancing the most important hormones in the body not only restores overall health and vitality, but it also slow premature aging, prevents inflammatory diseases, and reverses mood disorders. As Dr. Hall says, patients are actually becoming younger by reversing the main causes of inflammatory diseases.

Her witnessing of such dramatic results with her patients led her to close her busy surgical practice and exclusively devote her time and energy to the restorative power of hormonal treatments.

Dr. Hall's ground-breaking work has led to her to be a featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, and other well-respected media outlets. She recommends women get a baseline of their individual hormone levels as early as possible and stay away from birth control pills and non-bioidentical hormones.

Dr. Prudence Hall has a Masters Degree in Health from UC-Berkeley and an M.D. degree through the University of Southern California. She's the founder and medical director of Hall Health and Longevity Center in Venice, California.

Today she has firmly established a reputation as a doctor who is an expert in hormonal treatments. Her pioneering work has helped numerous people regain their healthy and vitality again.

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