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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Remedy

By Brady Toms

No other chemical compound comes even close to hydrogen peroxide in its relevance to life as stated by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II.

The hydrogen peroxide ear remedy is a fast, straightforward and very effective 1 and is just pennies!

What exactly are the advantages with this natual ear treatment method? The advantages are several! This treatment will prevent colds and also the flu from ever taking place if accomplished right when you start off feeling the onset of the signs 80% to 90% of the time. And, it's safe for children. So, no need to take your young children to the doctor's and obtain a prescription for antibiotics for a cold.

Antibiotics will do far more harm then good. And by no means use antibiotics for the flu, they'll do nothing against it, it's a waste of cash and wipes out the excellent bacteria in your and your youngsters gut.

Right here Is the Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Remedy

A simple Trick to Beat a Cold or Flu

I commonly do not advise over-the-counter medications, but this hydrogen peroxide ear remedy is surprisingly helpful against upper respiratory infections.

Many of my clientele have had remarkable outcomes in curing colds and flu inside just a couple of hrs when administering a few drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into each ear. You'll hear some bubbling, that is entirely normal, and potentially feel a slight stinging sensation which will not last. If you're doing this for your child, make clear up front what will come about in terms of the bubbling and possible slight stinging and put them at ease.

Wait until the bubbling and stinging subside (usually five to 10 minutes), then drain onto a tissue and repeat using the other ear. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide in three percent solution is accessible at any drug retailer for a couple of dollars or less. It truly is simply amazing how many individuals respond to this simple treatment.

Drug Store Versus Food Grade HP

Now, it is completely fine to work with drug retailer purchased hp for this hydrogen peroxide ear treatment method but for me, I don't settle, for myself or my loved ones and I go a level better, food grade hydrogen peroxide. What's the big difference?

Hydrogen peroxide is only semi-stable. That means it could break down to water and oxygen. The added oxygen atom of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) is only loosely attached. As hydrogen peroxide loses oxygen atoms, it reverts to becoming water and oxygen. That is known as "decomposition."

To prevent decomposition, manufactures add "stabilizers" to several grades of hydrogen peroxide. This provides it a considerably longer shelf life as well as can reduce manufacturing expenses, however the stabilizers are very damaging to you.

Food grade signifies that the hydrogen peroxide will not contain dangerous stabilizers or contaminants and was tested/sampled from the U.s. Department of Agriculture (the drums tested). Neither the F.D.A. nor U.S.D.A. has set any standard for the safe consumption of hydrogen peroxide. Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is authorized for particular food processing applications.

To me, it's really worth paying out a couple of added bucks for food grade hp, especially when performing the hydrogen peroxide ear treatment method for my daughter understanding these dangerous stabilizers aren't going into her ear canal.

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