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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Improve Your Life With Personal Mastery

By Rui Ludovino

Personal Mastery And Improving Your Life

There are a lot of people who have recently discovered personal mastery as a method that could improve their way of life and deepen their perspective and outlook. What is personal mastery and how can it improve your life? Let us find out more about it.

Personal mastery is about deepening our understanding and expanding our perspective about life. Personal mastery develops vision, energies and enables us to determine what direction we are taking in our life. People who have achieved personal mastery testified that they would feel a positive change in their life.

There are different benefits an individual may gain from personal mastery:

* Clear decision making - since an individual who have attained personal mastery has gained clear vision on their purpose and their mission in life, decision making would be easy and at the same clear for them.
* Strong creative leadership - personal mastery develops strong leadership. Personal mastery can develop a person's communication skills and confidence as a leader. Effective leaders also need to manage their emotions and not let their emotions get in the way when they need to make a judgement.
* Increased emotion intelligence - mastering our emotions could be difficult at times especially during period of difficult and challenging times. Coaching and counselling could improve how an individual develop and master their emotions.
* Improved work life balance - those who have attained personal mastery testified that they can see significant effect on how they have handled their life. What's good with personal mastery is that you can implement this even in your career and interpersonal relationship to achieve greater heights.
* Reduced stress levels - since personal mastery deals with understanding reality and weaknesses, it can result to lower stress levels. Aside from that, personal mastery also helps an individual accept change and be flexible about it. This could help a person deal with stress and reduce it.
Personal mastery can even help you let go of bad habits and behaviour. For example, personal mastery can help you get over with smoking or alcoholic addiction. You do not only address the habit but deals with the reason why you have started the habit in the first place. The difference is when you only address the habit, it is possible for it to come back again. But when you tackle the issues behind the habit, it would make you stop the habit altogether.
One of the great things about personal mastery is that it can be applied whether you want to improve your career, leadership or your organization. Personal mastery can even help you with career, whether you would like to change your path or would like to improve your performance in the current career you are in. 
Business organizations have cited different benefits when their leaders and their members have achieved personal mastery. Studies and statistics showed that companies and business organization were able to think creatively about resolving issues. Personal mastery were also able to bring out the best from the employees and also able to have higher staff retention. Employers also comment on the strong relationship among the workers, personal mastery could encompass teams, departments and even workers and senior relationship.
Personal mastery, contrary to what it literally means, is not just for your own person. Improving yourself could mean a lot, you are a part of a whole (another personal mastery key principle). Your improvement can influence others and eventually change the world into something better.
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