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Monday, April 23, 2012

What Your Graduation Cap And Gown Really Mean To You

By Allex Oneil

A commencement ceremony would not be complete without seeing the graduates in their best graduation cap and gown. Graduates march in their graduation attire with a lot of pride in themselves that they have finally finished their college years. However, what can the graduation cap and gown actually mean? This article will share with you some vital ideas on what your graduation apparel would mean to you so you could wear them with much pride on your graduation day.


To start with, it is a symbol of your unwavering love as well as commitment to your education. When you first stepped into college, you've taken the first step to commit yourself into it. You have given your best to do well with your exams, school prerequisites and even in your extra curricular activities. You have given your education your eagerness, time and effort to fulfill that commitment.

Hard Work

It's a symbol of your hard work to make both ends meet. You have understood the ups and downs of college life and you have been tough to handle them all. There may have been moments when lots of school assignments had been required from you and due dates were short. Nonetheless, you did not give up but rather, you gave it your best shot even when it meant sleepless nights on group meetings.


The 4 years spent in college isn't at all about hard work. In reality, your hard work, perseverance and dedication to your commitment have given you the achievement you are receiving now. Putting on your graduation cap and gown on that particular day reminds you of everything you have worked on to reach your goals. Possibly you've become a much better person now, ready to face a new profession in life. Your efforts have paid off and your graduation marks this achievement.


You have learned much with the 4 years both in and out of your classroom. You have obtained proper education and knowledge, made pals, joined school functions that molded your personality. With the experience you've acquired, you could really tell yourself that you have matured. Perhaps you have healthier perspectives in life now. Maybe you have learned to look at real social problems in a more positive and mature perspective. The experiences you go through college years are the very same experiences you may look back to while you proceed with your profession.


After 4 years of hard work, dedication and staying true with your commitment to finish school, you finally have the strength in your hands. Making the proper choices can lead to a better life after your graduation. Use the strength to step up and face the future that lies ahead. Some of you might not truly know what the future has in store for you. However, taking the probabilities will take you there.

So get up, be proud, put on your best graduation cap and gown on that very special day. Don it with great pride. These represent the very symbols of your heart and soul. Wear them with a big pride and joy.

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