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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why stiforps pay plan and income streams are changing mlm

By James Galloway

The compensation and pay plan with stiforp is superb. They wanted to stand out from other mlm platforms and so studied what had been going so wrong in the mlm industry. Aside from an amazing product, stiforp had to work out the best way to reward everybody involved and to make mlm be profitable for everybody not just the hard hitters.

They pay a weekly commission which is by far one of the attractive pointers when looking at this platform. They call it the fast start bonus and to be eligible, you simply refer a new person to the business and get given $25 the following Wednesday. You bring in 4 new people a week, which is $100 a week. Earning quick money is so important for motivation.

They have a 50 percent matching bonus, this is the next income stream to look at. For example, every person I bring into stiforp, I will earn 50 percent bonus from what they earn in monthly residual commissions from the matrix. I earn this commission as a bonus on top of what I am earning. If I had 3 people earning $2000 a month each, I would get $1000 from each of them as a bonus. This is one of the important reasons that you should refer people yourself and not wait for spill over.

Also they are using a 2x14 matrix forced matrix with spill over. It works two wide, so you only have two on your front line, and 14 levels deep. A full 14 level matrix can earn you a large monthly residual income of over $8000.

The star ranking system in stiforps pay plan is another income opportunity. You and your team effort is rewarded by a star system, the higher the star rating you become, the more income streams open up to you.

Stiforp have really gone all out with this ultimate pay plan. It has overcome issues which haunt the regular mlm opportunity and is built to last for many years to come.

The earnings can be superb. You see stiforp have really worked hard to make the platform solid including some amazing and amazing online marketing tools. The commission structure you see here works amazingly all on its own, but if you then throw in a rotator for signups, just like best stiforp team have, you see true team growth.

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