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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why You Might Want To Consider Getting IVF Treatment

By Anika Lancaster

If you and your partner haven't been capable of making a child right after attempting for over a year, then you might want to think about trying in vitro fertility. Therefore, to learn more about in vitro fertility, which is also called IVF treatment, you would simply have to visit one of the reliable in vitro fertilization clinics that can be found in your location. After you have made a scheduled appointment with the fertility clinic, a specialist will then carry out numerous assessments on you and your partner to see if you are a good applicant for IVF treatment.

In other words, in vitro fertilization clinics have to find out precisely what the status of your fallopian tubes are, plus whether the trouble is coming from your side or your partner's. Once the fertility clinic can be certain that IVF can in fact be the best treatment for you, they will then start the whole process.

Once you begin with the IVF procedure, you will soon realize that there are several levels that you would need to undergo. The very first phase is called ovarian stimulation, and also the reason for this is mainly because the specialist will need you to generate a few eggs during each menstrual period, mainly because the more eggs one can find to fertilize, the greater your chances are of getting pregnant.

The second point requires getting the egg, that is carried out through a procedure known as transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. The 3rd level is termed insemination. When the egg is out, they will then add the sperm to the egg, and then wait around a day or so for the best sperm to go towards it.

Your fourth stage is called fertilization. During this time, the sperm will then enter the egg to fertilize it. When the expert has affirmed that fertilization is official, you will then move to the following stage, which is called embryo transfer. Within this stage, the embryo will be inserted into your uterus, and then you will be instructed to rest for a couple of hours so that no strain is put onto your entire body. In case the embryo is able to connect itself onto your uterine wall, it will then become a positive pregnancy. Do not forget that in many instances, you will require a couple of cycle of such stages, as it is not necessarily as simple as it looks. But, by continuing to keep relaxed, you will see that your chances of getting pregnant are a lot higher.

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