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Sunday, May 13, 2012

BBB Online Rating to Boost your Business

By Josie Lynn

Work ethics now play a very important role in all businesses. The aim of all business is profit but a business that exists only for profit cannot survive now-a-days. All business houses now have the responsibility of conducting their business in an ethical way so that the consumers are not duped in any manner. To oversee that business houses play fairly in the market BBB was established in the year 1912. They have a number of separately governed local organizations in the U.S and Canada and they are affiliated with the CBBB.

Consumers always want the best value for their money and when it comes to online transactions people are a bit wary as there are so many fraudulent companies that dupe people. In such a scenario people like to play safe and they resort to organizations like them which they believe can give them proper guidance about the online market and the companies.

BBB has a set of code of business practices, including its online standard. If your business has an online site then you can opt to get an online seal from the company. By getting accredited you will have to abide by the codes and norms of the company. They will list your company as one of the safe online shopping mall. People trust them and once your company gets listed with the them online, potential customers will have the trust and confidence to purchase from your site.

They not only set the norms and codes for operation, it also resolves disputes. Any dispute that may arise can be referred to them and they try to settle the matter as amicably and fairly as possible. One important thing to remember is that they are a private organization and not connected to the government in any way.

They has been around for a hundred years now and people have full faith in this organization. Though it is not a government organization yet people refer to them for all queries about the companies and the market place. BBB does not deal with disputes that have gone to court or are in the process of going to court. They also do not deal with disputes relating to fields like medicine and law. Getting a BBB online seal will not only instill trust and confidence in the public about your company but the online seal can also enhance your sales volume.

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