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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magento Fraud

By Antonio Suarez

Did you know that e-Commerce sites are also targets for fraud? No matter what type of an e-Commerce site that you have, fraud can still happen. For those that run the popular Magento e-Commerce sites, they have now added Kount Complete from Kount. The addition of this anti-fraud platform to Magento will further allow fraud protection to be used at the payment bridge for Magento Go. This is the first of the many releases with support to Magento. Other supports such as Magento Community, Magento Enterprise and Magento Professional will be released soon.

This anti-fraud protection system can be customized to the use of the individual and reduction can be seen of losses, operational costs and will maximize sales. Some of the preventative measures will include affiliate fraud, lost revenue as well as fines and charge backs. Once a customer has signed up for Magento services, all that is needed to add the Kount Fraud Detection service is to fill out the online form. After this information has been received, then the merchant will be immediately protected by the fraud platform. This is sure to relieve many customers of Magento developers.

Kount's proprietary technology such as Proxy Piercer and Multi-layered Device Fingerprinting can be applied to any customer and the rules based fraud detection, statistical scoring, geolocation tools, cross-merchant links and Persona modeling of behavior all can protect from fraud in a time period of 350 milliseconds. This is precisely when Magento chose Kount in the first place. Implementation of this will help all customers of Magento deflect any and all sources of fraud that can become a time and money waster. Once the service is activated, the Kount "decision" engine runs past industry standards and analyzes activity and relevant variables.

All this will be in place for the online holiday season which is a prime target of fraud and fraud activities. By using Kount technology, fraud is minimized and Magento customers can reduce the costs of doing business including losses by fraud. Online retailers are hit just as hard with fraud as a regular stone and mortar business would be. The addition of this to the Magento platform is a plus for those online owners. Added layers of protection are available to further reduce the problem of fraud, which causes a great deal of financial problems for the online business community.

It is the perfect answer in combination with Magento. With the holiday rush coming, why not protect your online business now with the additional fraud protection? It is well worth adding to your current Magento package. If you are a current owner of Magento, it is suggested that you get this package added to your services for fraud protection. If you are thinking about using Magento to create your online presence, know that there is extra value in having the Kount package added to your Magento package. This protection will ease the multiple headaches of those business owners who have been searching for a way to lower fraud while maximizing business.

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  1. This is all good. I was considering using Magento but then I read a blog post on magento vs bigcommerce and now I don't really know which system to give more preference. Any thoughts on bigcommerce and if it is better than Magento? Thanks.

  2. Anti-fraud protection system is a great step for reduce fraud risk.Its working fine and its result is so impressive.