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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mexico: A Fabulous Choice for Your Family Vacation

By Linda Patterson

Mexico: A Great Choice for the Whole Family

When we finally get to take a vacation as a family, we want it to be more than just a jaunt :we want a memorable experience that reflects the difficulty of getting a modern family to take a break from the daily grind and really live a little in the style our hard work has earned. From your schedule at your job, to your partner's, to the endless list of school and extracurricular activities your kids are engaged in, it can seem downright daunting, if not impossible, to get everyone to take a break and find a location that suits each individual member of your family's needs and desires. Fortunately, one such destination does exist, and it's probably closer than you think: Mexico! History, excitement, luxury, and natural beauty await at the end of a short journey by plane; and once you're there, the opportunities will never cease to unfold. The hardest part of your trip will be deciding how to choose from all the options in the limited time you have available :that, and believing that it really isn't going to cost more than it does!

From ancient sites to ultra-modern resorts, you'll be waited on hand and foot at five-star hotels that can hardly be matched anywhere else you might choose as a destination. The climate is lovely, the beaches tropical and pristine, and so many of the attractions have an educational component that will keep your kids engaged and using their brains without even realizing it. Your Mexican vacation is waiting, and the lifelong memories that will come with it :your biggest challenge will be paring down the list of amazing opportunities, as you could spend a lifetime there and still never see it all.

A View for Every Family Member

The jungles, the beaches, the deserts, and the hotels; it's hard to decide where you should go first and what you just can't miss out on this time, even though by the end of the trip, you'll already be planning your return. For those who like big cities, Mexico City is one of the world's largest and most bustling megalopolises, but Mexico is also chock-full of quaint, picturesque towns and villages if finding a quiet hidey-hole on a secluded beach is more your style of vacation delight. San Miguel Allende, Guadalajara, Morelia; the list is long, and gets longer if you take into account all the cities that are still worth visiting even though nobody lives there anymore! This is, of course, a reference to the dozens of fascinating archaeological sites like Tikal and Tenochtitlan which can be found all over the country, and will provide a once-in-a-lifetime first-hand insight into the early origins of human civilization.

For sandy beaches and gorgeous tropical seashores, Baja California is a nearly insurmountable experience. The sand is as white as snow, the water as clear as crystal, and the secluded bays will make you feel miles from any care or worries that manage to sneak aboard the plane with you. The stunning cliffs and mouth-watering array of delectable dishes will tempt you to spend your entire trip lounging in luxury :not a half-bad idea, in fact, for anyone who works hard all week and just wants to take a break when finally getting the chance to get away for a bit!

The Fabulous Riviera Maya

Resorts grow ever more popular with each passing year, and Mexico has some of the world's biggest and best on some of the planet's most prime real estate :the Riviera Maya. Miles of shared coastline, lavish hospitality, water sports, games, and trekking attractions of all kinds are combined in one easy-to-reach location. You'll be sure to find activities catering to the needs and wants of every member of your family, no matter how diverse your tastes may be.

A prime example of the amenities and luxury you'll experience there is the Palace Resort, which offers various incentives in different seasons to make not stopping by there for at least a few days almost unthinkable. From golf vouchers to free car rentals to guided tours of ancient Maya cities, you'll see, taste, and feel the best that Mexico has to offer, all while learning about the region's amazing history by visiting archaeological treasures like Tulum, Coba, and Chichn Itz.

Mexico's national airline, Aeromexico, will be your best bet to hop around the country during your stay, so that you can spend the most time relaxing and avoid long, tiring bus trips and long waits between destinations. Your transportation will be even further streamlined by the many promotions and limited-time offers available via their website; as they say, you'll be enabled to "pay less and live longer" from the minute you set foot on the tarmac to the moment your passport is scanned on the way out. If there's a vacation in your future, look no farther than Mexico for a journey that your whole family will enjoy thoroughly, remember fondly, and beg you to repeat next year!

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