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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turning "Likes" Into Customer Loyalty With Social Media Marketing

By Kimberly Wadsworth

You have probably heard about online businesses and internet marketing techniques. Selling products online is a good way to make money, but do you have what it takes to develop a successful internet marketing strategy? 

Social networks are a useful tool. Find out which networks your audience uses and create profiles. Write a good description of your business and add pictures of your logo, your store or your products. Add a link to your profiles on your site and emails and post content regularly. Your social networking campaign will be successful if you advertise discounts and limited offers. You can also encourage your customers to interact with you by sending their questions, playing games or taking part in contests for instance. You should do more research about social media marketing and develop a strategy adapted to the way your audience uses these sites.

According to statistics, visitors of web pages stay longer on a site if there is an informative video that can help them with their needs. Check out these sites to learn how to create DIY videos to help with your SEO strategies - Best Free Movie Making Software, Moving Graphics

Establish yourself as an expert on your topic by writing quality content. Use this content on your own site or blog, and do your best to have it featured on other sites or blogs. Get in touch with bloggers that have a wide audience corresponding to your customers, and look for online magazines or newspapers your audience is likely to read. Send out as many submissions as you can, and make sure you include your name and a link to your website at the end of your articles. Make sure you post a link to your featured content on your site or in your social network updates and announce it in advance.

Be sure to understand who your target audience is and cater to that audience. When you leave advertisements on other sites, make sure that the sites you leave advertisements on relate to your site in some way, shape or form. Avoid putting hair product advertisements on a site dedicated to home improvement; they just don't mesh together and can leave you wasting money. If you have questions about what audience a particular site attracts, go ahead and ask them their particular demographic. The site owner or moderators should help shed light onto what type of ads they are looking for.

Another thing you can do when setting up you website is to get email notices, in real time, as to when your HTML has any errors. This way you can fix any errors in a timely manner. Anyone who visits your site and sees errors may view the site as unprofessional and someone they do not wish to do business with. By having as few errors as possible, your website will remain professional looking.

Make sure that you double check all of the photos on your site. You want to have a site that is very visual with a lot of links. When you add links onto your photos, make sure that you double check them so that you know they are working properly. You are also going to want to check any other link that you have on your site so you know that, too, is working properly.

Social media is all the rage. Most people will interact with social media at least once during the course of a day. For many people, they are tied to it all day long with the use of their cell phones. Marketing on these social media sites has now become a science. You can use these to your benefit to gain customers who you didn't have before, give your current customers a place to connect with you online on a daily basis, and to offer up incentives and promotions in a way that can go viral in an instant.

Starting an internet business is relatively easy to do if you have a few skills and a lot of motivation. Do not hesitate to sign up for seminars or to read books to learn more about internet marketing.

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