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Friday, May 25, 2012

You Could Make Your Family Trip Safe, Sound, and Fun Having a Family Guide

By Frank D Gardner

Vacations should be fun, exciting experiences; especially when traveling with your children, you want the outing to be not only successful, but a chance to make lifelong memories "good ones" that your whole family can treasure forever. Of course, as most parents well know, nothing ever goes off without a hitch when it comes to the little ones, and sometimes the planning, worrying, and fretting over how to avoid possible dangers and pitfalls just drains the enjoyment right out of what was supposed to be a relaxing trip for everyone.

The dangers in heading into unknown territory can be manifold, including pickpockets, confusing maps,and unsuitable accommodations. If you feel overwhelmed, why not consider hiring an experienced family guide to take some of the pressure of planning and conducting a successful trip off of your shoulders? An extra set of eyes, ears, and hands, combined with a rational mind, can make the difference between a blissful outing full of fun memories and a disastrous trip you'd much rather forget.

Save Money, and Stay Safe

We always tend to spend more than we plan on a trip; there are just too many temptations, from fine food, to room service, to once-in-a-lifetime adventure opportunities you can't bring yourself to say no to. Going abroad certainly doesn't make keeping your finances in order less complicated, as you'll be forced to change currency, figure out tips for taxi drivers, waiters, and other service-sector employees, and in many places where bargaining is commonly practiced, it'll be up to your own skills as a shopper to avoid getting taken for a ride. Sad to say, the less savory element in most tourist destinations follows the law of the jungle, targeting the weak, tired, and confused (three words which describe almost every family of travelers after a half-day's plane flight). In order to avoid being the object of a scam or pickpocket, a family guide can be a priceless resource, helping you stay away from areas likely to prove dangerous as well as making sure no unspoken surcharges or price hikes are being slipped under your nose no matter where you go. What's more, they can alert you to situations in which a family member - even yourself isn't getting the best deal available, and help you stay within your projected budget without skipping out on any good meals or desired activities.

Watchful Eyes

If you're traveling by plane, chances are you'll set down near a big city; in fact, many global tourist destinations exist in or near major metropolitan centers. And just like New York or Los Angeles, international cities have their dangers, their safe neighborhoods and bad areas, and if your attention is on your scampering youngsters, it might be difficult to notice you've crossed one of those invisible boundaries until well after the fact. A family guide can be your referee, to let you know when you're about to step 'out of bounds' and to keep an eye on your kids and you possessions when you're in a crowded location, frequented by foreigners like you, and an army of pickpockets, to boot. You've employed this gentleman or lady to keep you safe, not to relax and drink a few beers with the family, so you can breathe easier knowing that when you're at your most relaxed, your family guide is at their most alert, watching for any signs of trouble.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Even if you do your homework, you'll never really know exactly what your hotel, hostel, or guesthouse looks like until you're there and there's nothing worse than coming home to a dirty, tiny, unsatisfactory room after a long flight or trip. It can be even more of a challenge to decide on a good place to eat, or which vendor to buy from; if you can't see the kitchen, you're taking a chance no mater how clean the seating area looks. That is, unless you have a family guide who can recommend not just a great place to stay, but all the good restaurants and fun activity venues in town. It never hurts to employ a little common sense of your own, but it's hard to put a price on the kind of advice that will guarantee your trip goes off without a hitch, from the crispness of your bedsheets to the juiciness of your sirloin or lobster at dinner. Take their word for it that's why you hired them!

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