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Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Ought To See A Doctor Should You Have These Adult Onset Diabetes Symptoms

By Miles Vitnar

Firstly, you are in charge of your state of health, so if it all goes pear-shaped, it is usually you who are to blame. Type II diabetes can easily creep up on you, particularly if you are too heavy and do not take regular exercise. If you experience the following adult onset diabetes symptoms, you need to speak to your doctor and get tested for diabetes straight away.

* Do you discover you often need to go to the toilet more than other people, even when you don't drink anymore?

* Are you usually thirsty to the level that your thirst is in no way satisfied?

* Have you lost a whole lot of weight although you've not been attempting to diet or exercise more?

* Are you often tired and lack energy?

* Maybe you have noticed that both hands and feet tingle or get numb?

* Have you noticed that your eyesight appears to have gone downhill rapidly?

* Have you noticed a lot more bruises showing up that you simply don't remember causing?

When you ingest drink and food, the body will convert what it can into energy to fuel the body. This energy wants to be absorbed properly but if you're diabetic, or pre-diabetic, the body is unable to complete that task effectively and the glucose remains within the bloodstream and is typically passed via the urinary system. This is why you may go to the toilet much more frequently, lose weight and lack energy.

If you have noticed a number of the above adult onset diabetes symptoms, go and see your doctor to get tested when possible. It's a very easy procedure. Blood tests are taken that look at the amounts of glucose within your body after fasting, and then once again after drinking a glucose solution. This may give your physician a good indication of whether you might be on the way to becoming diabetic and give you time to rectify your way of life habits before it really is too late and you must be medicated. Medications could take the form of tablets and/or insulin shots depending on your precise condition.

Managing diabetes without having treatment may be life-threatening and diabetes is a lifelong condition once you've got it. Lifestyle modifications will undoubtedly help alleviate it, but as soon as it is there, you've got diabetes for life. Should you need to be frightened into checking this out, just do a search for the unwanted side effects of diabetes and you will be horrified! So, if you notice some of the adult onset diabetes symptoms which have been stated earlier, you need to seek help and attention from your physician without delay.

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