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Friday, June 29, 2012

All About Hugo Boss Glasses

By Chris Williams

This is a quick review on the Hugo Boss 0362.

We will look at the style of the frames, the different colours available, and look at Hugo Boss' profile and how he created his fashion brand.

Hugo Boss was born in 1885 in Germany. In 1924 Boss started up his Boss brand, but not long after Boss became bankrupt due to low finances.

Being considered as an activist, Boss was stripped of his rights and his capacity to run a business. Boss later died in 1948 but his business lived on. The Boss brand was bought by the Valentino Fashion Group in 2005.

You can just tell by looking at the Hugo Boss 0362 that it has been designed with style and elegance in mind. Slim and streamlined with minimal lines gives off a masculine feel to the frames.

These particular frames belong to the Boss Black collection and its classic style sure fits in well. The frames are brought to life with the complimentary colours ranging from white with grey to red with black.

No frame is out of place nor ugly.

Create your own unique style by choosing the Crystal Red Burgundy, lure others into your gaze with Blue, opt for Black Red for a twist on plain black, or look space-cool with Grey White.

The particular frames sit better on the face than other frames because it's made out of plastic which feels nicer on the skin than metal frames.

The rectangular shape helps to frame round faces as it slims down the cheeks and the jaw line. You may want to avoid rectangle frames if your face shape is very angular.

The frames support all lenses from single vision to varifocal. Special coatings can also be applied to lenses for added protection, comfort or performance.

Whether you're male or female you can enjoy the Boss Black collection. Hugo Boss offers you high end fashion that is classic, stylish and elegant, no wonder why we're hooked.

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