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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding New Sources of Renewable Energy – Hydropower

With the realization that oil as a power source cannot last forever, many people are wondering about where to turn to save our future generations from an impending power shortage. One place worth exploring further is hydropower.

Already being utilized as a popular source of alternative energy throughout the world, hydropower is a renewable resource that is primarily used to generate electricity. This water-to-electricity transformation occurs when converting flowing or falling water into the useable product known as hydroelectricity.

One major plus to hydropower, is the fact that water – the main ingredient of the power source, is not in short supply. In fact, water covers around 70% of the Earth’s surface, making it the perfect solution to our future’s potential energy crisis.

The other advantage to using hydropower is the fact that the technology to turn moving water into useable electricity already exists and has been proven to be a safe and reliable source of clean power. This, coupled with the fact that water is an abundant resource makes it a perfect energy solution, so long as we utilize it to its full potential.

So there you have it. Hydropower might just be the renewable resource we are looking for to solve our future energy problems. The technology already exists, and there’s plenty of water just waiting to be better utilized. We just have to take full advantage of what nature has so generously provided us.

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